OTTO FUCHS Oberflächentechnik - finishes of unmistakable quality

Through the acquisition of Bothner GmbH + Co. KG the name of the former was changed to OTTO FUCHS Oberflächentechnik GmbH on 1st April, 2009. 



 of the present-day surface finisher goes back to the foundation of the industrial  paint shop in Stuttgart by Paul Bothner in


. The long-standing business relationship with OTTO FUCHS KG commenced shortly after the company's move to Leonberg.

Developed and manufactured in Meinerzhagen,  the legendary Fuchs wheels for the first Porsche 911s were finished in Leonberg in


. The success of the wheels and thereby at the same time of their perfectly finished surfaces became clear very soon. In


 Bothner also took on the finishing of the Mercedes baroque wheel which - present on the market for 15 years - also became a classic.

Soon the capacities available were no longer sufficient  and - following the necessary expansion of the production shops in the


 -  the first automatic wheel painting system was installed.



 the company has specialized in the surface finishing of wheels. At an early stage the utilization of environmentally friendly painting methods was recognized.

The requirements set by our customers have become more demanding in recent years - in particular in respect of wheel design and surface. The changing of the name of the firm to OTTO FUCHS Oberflächentechnik GmbH will make no difference to our primary corporate objective of satisfying every customer wish. And to fulfil this goal we are continuously engaged in strengthening  our already strong position on the market with the development of new processing techniques and materials.

We are the specialist for surface finish.
OTTO FUCHS Oberflächentechnik – finishes of unmistakable quality    
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